Thursday, 17 March 2016

Join Us at Our Theatre Ontario Festival Workshops

Michelle Jackett-Webster
We’re excited to announce our Theatre Ontario Festival workshops in North Bay for Festival attendees eager to enhance their skills.

On Thursday May 19, we have “Comedy Scene Study” with Michelle Jackett-Webster. Participants will learn the elements of comedy needed when scenes in a play. We will discuss pacing, comic timing, physical comedy, patterns of three, writer’s intent and the use of contrast within comedic works. Scene partners will work on a short scene to implement these concepts. We will be approaching the work from a "Cold Reading" point of view to simulate the audition and call back settings in a community theatre environment.

On Saturday May 21, we have “Stage Combat 101” with Joshua Bainbridge. This hands-on workshop will focus on unarmed physical theater. Participants will learn stage combat essentials, including falls, slaps, punches, kicks and chokes. Safety skills are given top priority during this workshop.

Joshua Bainbridge
All Theatre Ontario Festival workshops are free on a first-come, first-served basis. Theatre Ontario Festival Theatre Ontario Festival is a showcase of outstanding community theatre productions, a classroom for passionate, dedicated community theatre artists, a celebration of excellence in community theatre, and a destination bringing together theatre lovers from across the province. Festival 2016 runs May 18 to 22 in North Bay.

Join us at Theatre Ontario Festival 2016

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