Thursday, 14 August 2014

Developing Youth Networks Across Ontario at Satellite Face-to-Face

By Marilee D’Arceuil and Sarah Siddiqui, Youth Advisory Committee Co-Chairs

Hey Theatre Ontario — it's your friends from the YAC, that’s Youth Advisory Committee! You may remember that we hosted the Provincial Youth Forum, which coincided with the AGM in May. We have been busily buzzing away at our next project, and are excited to let you in on it.

In September 2014, some of the youth from across the province who attended our Forum will be engaging their own communities in a continuation of the theme "Developing Our Network." Over the next few weeks members of the YAC will be providing mentorship and connecting these youth to resources to help them confidently organize these discussion-based events. This series of events will be called the Satellite Face to Face (SF2F).

We encourage more youth who are passionate about theatre in their communities to contact us, stating their interest in hosting their own SF2F event. If you are interested in helping out youth in your community, we are currently also looking for mentors who can assist in planning, and help youth in facilitating workshops. Please contact Mairin Smit, Program Coordinator, at or 416.408.4556 x.12 to get in on this great project.

We can’t wait to get Ontario abuzz with deep discussion on how we can better support youth in theatre, and develop and strengthen theatre networks by creating YAC hives across the province.

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