Friday, 21 October 2016

Ontario Off Stage

by Brandon Moore, Community Theatre and Communications Manager

Conversation Starters

  • Alex Colle, a fourth-year Theatre major at York University wrote about what he has been learning as a playwriting student.
  • Cautionary example of how NOT to market your immersive theatre experience, and why you should always reflect on your audience’s experience, from Cindy Marie Jenkins.
  • Centennial College is currently in the process of developing a new post-graduate program called Arts in Community Education. They are seeking feedback from prospective students of this program for arts education and community development activities. At this phase, this is a confidential investigation in order to better inform the team working on the new program. The survey is active until the end of the month and the developers would be very grateful for any and all participation. Help shape the future of arts education training in Canada.

Behind the Scenes at Ontario’s Theatres

Andy Trasuk

TO Toasts

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