Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Inviting Applications For 2011 Neil Munro Intern Directors Project At The Shaw Festival

Theatre Ontario is pleased to invite applications for the 2011 Neil Munro Intern Directors Project at the Shaw Festival.  The application deadline is June 30, 2010.

Each year, the Shaw Festival hires two Intern Directors for a period of about six months. They look for promising professional directors near the beginning of their careers. Applicants should have a fair bit of professional experience, but probably not in a company as large as the Shaw Festival.

Each intern is assigned to two or three successive shows as an Assistant Director. One of these shows is usually in the Festival Theatre (860 seats) and another in a smaller one (330 seats). For the most part, being an Assistant Director involves observing the senior directors at work in rehearsal, doing research as required, acting as a sounding board as required. (Getting them coffee is not required.) The Interns also assist the company in educating audiences about theatre in general and the Shaw's productions and programmes in particular.

Read all about the Neil Munro Intern Directors Project at the Shaw Festival on the Theatre Ontario website.

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