Thursday, 22 April 2010

Agents Book is a practical guide for getting started as a model or actor

Aspiring actors and models will benefit from the 12th edition of The Agents Book – a practical guide to “getting started” as a model or as an actor in film, theatre or television. The book also includes the general costs of talent related services like photographs, ongoing training, and what you can expect to earn if you’re an actor or model through your freelance work. The Agents Book is available for $20 through Theatre Ontario and TheatreBooks. Only TAMAC agents and agents who have signed the “Entertainment Industry Coalition’s Code of Ethics” are included in the book. All proceeds from The Agents Book support Theatre Ontario and the AMIS telephone hotline and website.

“The Agents Book answers the most frequently asked questions by people just getting started in the business, or parents whose children want to get into acting or modelling,” said John Goddard, Executive Director of Theatre Ontario. “The book explains how the business works and takes you through the process of creating a resume, finding the right agent for you, photography tips, information on unions, tips for background performers and how to select the right acting class or school. This is the 12th edition and we have updated information on how to find an agent, advice on voice-over work, what industry scams to watch out for, and an expanded section on casting and website services.”

Theatre Ontario and the Acting Modelling Information Service (AMIS) continue to work together to publish The Agents Book to improve the quality of information available to aspiring actors and models.

AMIS is dedicated to informing and educating those members of the general public who are interested in training and careers in the fashion and entertainment industries. This information helps people interested in acting and modelling to avoid exploitative situations and, where feasible, to find legitimate entry paths into the careers of their choice. The AMIS hotline (416) 977-3832 has given basic industry information to over ten thousand callers – beginners in the business from Toronto, across Canada, and the United States.

To place an order:
  • Email
  • Telephone Theatre Ontario at 416.408.4556 x.10
  • Fax your order to 416.408.3402 and include credit card number
  • Mail your order and cheque to (or drop by the office during business hours) at Theatre Ontario, 215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 210, Toronto ON M5T 2C7

For more information, please visit Publications on the Theatre Ontario website.

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