Thursday, 4 June 2015

Welcome to the Talent Bank

By Anne Mooney, Community Theatre Coordinator

The Theatre Ontario Talent Bank of theatre instructors was created as one of the great bridges between the professional, community and educational theatre worlds.

Individuals and community theatre groups are thirsty to upgrade their skills.  The wide range of categories available makes the Talent Bank the “go-to” place for these people to seek out quality workshop leaders.

At this time of year, Theatre Ontario is so pleased to announce the new members of the Talent Bank.  It never ceases to amaze at the diversity of new talent—categorically and geographically.  These people definitely celebrate some of the diversity of our great province.

Michael Clipperton from Haliburton is already a member of the Talent Bank and is being added to the category of Directing Instructor (Musicals).

We have two new people being included in Technical categories.  Dave Sansom from the Toronto region is a new member of the Technical Production Instructor category and Andrea Steinwand from Ottawa is being included in the Technical Production Instructor and Set Instructor categories.

Kate Hurman, Ottawa and Susan Cuthbert, Toronto, are joining the Children’s Theatre Instructor category.  Kate is also in the Voice Instructor and Acting Instructor categories and Susan is in three other categories – Voice Instructor, Directing Instructor(Musicals) and Choreography Instructor.  There are two other new members of the Voice Instructor Category – Douglas Rice and Rosalind Mills both or Toronto.  Douglas is also in the Directing Instructor (Opera) and Rosalind is joining the Musical Director/Conductor category.

Clara McBride from Port Hope is a new member of the Physical Theatre Instructor and Improvisation Instructor and Marnie Neve from Guelph is in the Movement Instructor category.  Finally, we welcome Heather Davies to the multiple categories of Acting Instructor, Directing Instructor (Drama) and Directing Instructor (Musicals) and Jennifer Worsnop-Seller as a new Adjudicator.

More information on all of our Talent Bank members can be accessed on the Theatre Ontario website.  Please take a look at all of members.  They are here to support theatre in Ontario.

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