Friday, 28 February 2014

Ontario Off Stage

by Brandon Moore, Communications Coordinator

Behind The Scenes at Ontario’s Theatres
Roxanne Joseph
and Katya Senyshyn
Conversation Starters: #thesummit
  • #thesummit was a conversation of Washington, DC-area artistic directors about the representation of women and people of colour on American stages that blew up Twitter on Family Day evening.
  • You can read the Storify on for background.
  • The only recent Canadian statistics that I’ve seen so far (and can share with a link) were gathered for Vancouver by local stage manager Lois Dawson; Playwrights Guild of Canada reported a 5% regression in the rate of female representation in playwriting from 2006 (PDF) to the 2012-2013 season.
  • #CdnCult Times on SpiderWebShow followed up with a second Feminist Edition, with writing from Keavy Lynch, Alexander Offord, and Lisa C. Ravensbergen
  • Elissa Goetschius, Artistic Director of Strand Theater in Baltimore was one of the attendees, and she reflected on what was said at in Climbing #TheSummit.
  • Andrew Taylor wrote some good analysis on a “risk-informed organization (and what values are non-negotiable)” on the Artful Manager.
  • I’m also enjoying proposals for tangible actions: “Next Steps” from Tamara Winters and “Seven Initiatives” from Brett Steven Abelman are two that have piqued my interest so far.
Conversation Starters: Other Conversations
TO Toasts
Janet Irwin

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