Thursday, 21 November 2013

Health and Safety Awareness Training for Ontario's Theatres

By Brandon Moore, Communications Coordinator

Occupational health and safety awareness training will be mandatory for all workers and supervisors in the province of Ontario starting July 1, 2014.  What does that mean for theatres?

The Ontario Ministry of Labour Advisory Committee for Health and Safety in Live Performance (of which I’m a proud member) is reviewing the requirements of the regulation for our industry.

Don’t panic!  If your theatre has an effective health and safety program (and took advantage of the free resources from Theatre Ontario’s "To Act In Safety" program in 2003) you may already comply with the requirement.  There are also a number of free resources available from the Ministry of Labour to assist you.

Read more about Theatre Ontario’s To Act In Safety program


  1. How can I have a look at "To Act in Safety"?

  2. Hi Alec! Thanks for your inquiry. If you have any questions, you can contact me at for specific information.