Thursday, 14 April 2011

Summer Course Profile: When I Am On Stage…Who Am I?, with Terry Tweed

How do I become someone else on stage?  That’s the question that is the focus of this acting course at the 2011 Theatre Ontario Summer Theatre Intensive.

Lead by Terry Tweed, the course is designed for the actor who has been on stage and said lines and moved without bumping into the furniture; now they want to take the next step and learn how to become the character, to inhabit a new persona.

Participants will learn how to create a character (different from themselves) by exploring the capability of their two basic instruments—their body and their voice.

The course will be enriched with three different Stratford actors, who will come to class for an hour each to share with the class their own techniques.

Our instructor is Terry Tweed, who has been working in Canada as an actor, director and teacher for over thirty years.  Terry has been involved in teaching voice, acting, and directing in both English and French at the University of Windsor, University of Toronto (Erindale), Humber College and Sheridan College.  She has also worked with community theatres as a play polisher, and has given workshops in directing, audition techniques, and approaches to Shakespeare.  She is currently appearing in Forests at the Tarragon Theatre from April 19 to May 29.

The Theatre Ontario Summer Theatre Intensive runs from August 7 to 13 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.  Read about all of our Summer Courses on the Theatre Ontario website.

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