Friday, 31 March 2017

Ontario Off Stage

by Brandon Moore, Community Theatre and Communications Manager

Conversation Starters

  • For World Theatre Day last Monday, our Youth Advisory Committee celebrated the day by inviting conversation on three ideas: “Youth voices are essential because…”, “The biggest challenge for young artists is…”, “We support our young artists by…”  We have shared some of the tweets in Twitter Moments, and the youth of The Grand Theatre in London even made a video.
  • Torquil Campbell sent out a series of World Theatre Day tweets “discouraging a career in theatre whatsoever… until it banishes unions, stops charging outrageous prices, and starts changing its arcane culture.”  Joshua Hind responded observing “If theatre has a problem, it’s definitely not that some people are paid too well.
  • Is our problem in Ontario that we’ve spent too little time articulating any of the benefits of the arts? Jini Stolk examines the question in “The scope of our impact” on the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Creative Trust Research Fellowship site.

Behind the Scenes at Ontario’s Theatres

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