Tuesday, 28 January 2014

World Festival of Children's Theatre is coming to Canada

The 14th World Festival of Children’s Theatre is coming to Canada in June 2016.  This important festival is a project of the International Amateur Theatre Association (AITA). Its home base is in Germany (every fourth year), and has been produced in Russia, Turkey, Cuba, Denmark, and Japan.

Stratford, Ontario is proud to be its first North American host.

The festival will feature productions from all continents, including developing nations. The organizers will welcome applications from Canadian groups that reflect the philosophy “By children, for children.”  The productions, performed by children aged 7 to 15, will emphasize the importance of theatre’s universal language across cultures, without language or ethnicity barriers. Participants will be hosted by the festival and will take part in performances, workshops, social activities, and the academic program. Applications from theatre companies, schools, community theatres, First Nations, and multicultural groups will be welcome. The application and jury process begins in 2015, so there is time to build and prepare.

For further information, please contact Artistic Director Ron Dodson at wfct2016@rogers.com


  1. Wow..just had the Central school at the University sing..really looking forward to having this event in 2016!!

    1. We heard it was a great launch - glad you enjoyed it!