Wednesday, 11 September 2013

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All The Ladies by Sasha Kleinplatz
from Buddies In Bad Times' Rhubarb Festival 2013
  • The submission deadline for Buddies In Bad Times’ Rhubarb Festival is September 13, for new, not previously produced performance projects (30 minutes or less) and performative experiments; established and emerging creators; of particular interest this year are projects, approaches and ideas that are process-driven, consider the theatre as a laboratory and explore the possibilities of Rhubarb as a testing ground and place for research and development
  • Grant deadlines are coming up for both the Canada Council (Sep. 15 for Grants to Theatre Artists, Support to Theatre Service Organizations, Theatre Production Projects, and Artists and Community Collaboration Program) and Ontario Arts Council (Sep. 16 for Aboriginal Artists in Communities, Aboriginal Arts Projects, Ontario Touring, National and International Touring)
  • The nomination deadline for the 2013 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre is September 16; awarded to professional directors who, in the preceding 10 years, have made a significant creative contribution to no fewer than three noteworthy theatre projects in Canada
  • Tarragon Theatre’s Audit The Season starts September 18, for professional and aspiring theatre-makers, as well as engaged audience members, interested in observing and unpacking elements of the creative process from the inside
New on The Bulletin Board
  • Toronto Fringe Festival invites applications under the OAC Theatre Creators Reserve.  Their funding area of interest / priority is supporting unique, innovative, and unexpected methods of storytelling; considering artists and artist collaborations using any range of creative processes (scriptwriting or otherwise) in the development of new theatre or dance.  The deadline is October 7
  • Tarragon Theatre invites applications under the OAC Theatre Creators Reserve.  Their funding priority is open to plays of all forms and in all stages of development, and a wide variety of play creation processes; there are no restrictions with respect to form and content; drawn to creators and plays that demonstrate a talent for the medium of theatre, possess a strong and unique voice or point of view, probe the human condition, and evoke rich and complex worlds.  The deadline is October 11

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