Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Seeking Enthusiastic Community Theatres for Trial Adjudications

by Brandon Moore, Community Theatre and Communications Manager

Earlier this month, I shared some of my own feelings about adjudication, my belief in the potential of adjudication, and our Adjudicators Symposium program of professional development for adjudicators.

Another part of training adjudicators is our Trial Adjudications, when we “audition” new adjudicators.  Some adjudicators have gone through a classroom training program and are ready to be “tested in the field”, others may be new to Ontario and looking to demonstrate their ability.  Whatever their backgrounds, these prospective adjudicators are eager to share their enthusiasm and experience as theatre instructors in an adjudication setting.
Sandy Macdonald and Deanna Clatworthy meet
following her trial adjudication at Aylmer Community Theatre.

This program wouldn’t work without our community theatre participants.  As a new community theatre season kicks off, we are looking for theatres willing to volunteer time, tickets, and an enthusiastic attitude to participate in the Trial Adjudication process.

There are some administrative requirements for theatres: we need a space and a script, and we will need you to give us your feedback on the process.  But if you think this is a fit for your community theatre, let us know!

Learn more about Theatre Ontario’s Trial Adjudications program

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