Thursday, 8 May 2014

Why Theatre?

By Bruce Pitkin, Interim Executive Director

“Why Theatre?” is a video that tells the story of your connection to theatre.

Why Theatre? from Elley-Ray on Vimeo.

Championed by Theatre Ontario Board members Elley-Ray, Joanne Williams, and Kenny Chan, together with some wonderful volunteers, they developed a short video celebrating the diversity of theatre in Ontario.

The inspiration behind the video project is to encourage a broader audience to engage with theatre in its many forms by sharing compelling images and stories about the power and brilliance of theatre. Please invite people to share it with friends on their social networks.

Theatre Ontario would like to thank all those featured in 'Why Theatre?' video, and to the many, many people who volunteered their time for this video project and future videos of this series.

Produced by Elley-Ray, Gregory More and Stephanie Lynn Robinson.

Appearing: Caroline Azar, Adam Bailey, Anne Barber, Carol Beauchamp, Katherine Belyea, Pat Bradley, Ron Cameron-Lewis, Jennifer H. Capraru, Wing Cheung, Teodoro Dragonieri, Victor Dolhai, Barbara Fingerote, Brad Harley, Brendan Healy, Patty Jarvis, Mathew Jocelyn, Elena Juatco, John Karastamatis, Jacoba Knaapen, Andrew Lamb, Anthony MacMahon, Marilo Nunez, Soheil Parsa, D. Jeremy Smith, Rose Stella, Sandy Tulloch, Jacob Zimmer and Elley-Ray.

And our interview Event Hosts: Canadian Stage and Toronto Fringe Festival.

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