Saturday, 18 May 2013

ONstage Tonight At Festival: Espanola Little Theatre

Festival’s closing performance features the Espanola Little Theatre presentation of Looking, our second Norm Foster comedy of the week.

Espanola Little Theatre is renowned for its ability to create small effective sets, easily transportable in a van or small truck.  That skill came especially in handy for this production.  Looking was first presented in partnership with the local Legion as dinner theatre.  When ELT’s planned QUONTA Festival production fell through, they decided to remount Looking, rehearsing in cast and crew members’ living rooms, and performing for two nights in a local high school before the remount in North Bay.  The stage in Kingston will be the fourth venue for this production.

Espanola Little Theatre are veterans of the Festival—most recently participating in 2011 in Richmond Hill with their production of David Fennario’s Balconville, and winners of the Elsie Award for Outstanding Production in 1997 in Cornwall for their memorable production of Romulus Linney’s The Woman Without A Name.

In Looking, Val’s an OR nurse, Andy’s in the storage business, Nina’s a police officer and Matt’s a radio morning show host.  They’re middle-aged, single and looking.  Val agrees to meet Andy after answering his personal ad in the newspaper.  Nina and Matt are coaxed into joining their friends for support.  High romance and contagious laughter are the result.

At QUONTA Festival 2013, Espanola Little Theatre received awards for Outstanding Production, Outstanding Director (Walter Maskel), Outstanding Actor (Jason Morrow), Outstanding Actress (Kathy Carré), and Outstanding Visual Achievement (Walter Maskel & Richard Gamelin).

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