Friday, 21 May 2010

Theatre Ontario Festival: Day Two

by Mandy Rumbolt, Membership Coordinator

Thursday of the Theatre Ontario Festival got off to an early start with the Detailed Adjudication with Sears And Switzer.  The room was packed, with a big number of the previous night's audience turning out to hear the adjudicators speak.  AND... an informal poll showed that over half of the folks who came to the adjudication weren't members of other participating groups, but were simply interested audience members!  So great to see an audience so enthusiastic.  Way to go, London!

The afternoon workshop "Wake it up, Shake it up!" with Sears And Switzer was a hot ticket this today.  This free class filled up FAST the day before as soon as the sign-up was posted!  The high-energy workshop got directors and actors on their feet, exploring fresh ways to liven up a scene.

The Association of Community Theatres--Central Ontario's contribution to this year's Festival was Norm Foster's comedy The Long WeekendWhitby Courthouse Theatre's production of this popular comedic look at married life drew a big audience, and big laughs. The quick and funny show was invigorating for the crowd, and was the perfect follow-up to last night's serious drama.  The public adjudication was quick, and focused on how the great script was brought to life with four very strong performances.  Kudos went out for the use of projection in the set, and special mention was made of the costume and hair design choices.

Friday will be a full day, with Playwright-In-Person Maja Ardal joining us.  And the "Introduction to Adjudication" course continues through the weekend, with our crew of eager new adjudicators being put through their paces with instructor Ron Cameron-Lewis.

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