Thursday, 31 May 2018

Welcome to Our New Board Members

New Board members Matthew Willson, Andre Newell, Tim
Dawdy, and Ron Dodson. Not pictured are Raeburn Ferguson
(who was busy at our Introduction to Adjudication course) and
Farzeen Foda (who was unable to attend the AGM in person)
We welcome our newly elected Board members for the 2018 to 2020 two-year terms on our Board of Directors.

Mary Jane Boon was elected to her third term; Annie MacKay and Brenda Worsnop (who were appointees to the Board during the past year) were elected to the balance of their first term (ending in 2019); and we welcome new Board members Tim Dawdy, Ron Dodson, Raeburn Ferguson, Farzeen Foda, Andre Newell, and Matthew Willson who were elected to their first terms.

They join Bodene Corbitt, Vera N. Held, Eyal Katz, Gil Katz, and Carri Johnson who were elected to two-year terms in 2017.

We also thanked Elley-Ray of Toronto, who had reached her term limit as a member of our Board of Directors; Linda Lloyd-McKenzie and Neil Wiancko who were finishing their two-year terms; and Leah Dietrich who was stepping down from the Board.

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