Saturday, 19 May 2018

ONstage Tonight at Festival: Ottawa Little Theatre

Ottawa Little Theatre's production of Dead Accounts
Theatre Ontario Festival’s closing production is presented by last year’s host theatre, as Ottawa Little Theatre represent the Eastern Ontario Drama League with their production of Dead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck. This is OLT's first appearance at Theatre Ontario Festival since 2005.

Professional in style, traditional in tone, Ottawa Little Theatre (OLT) has been a vital part of Ottawa’s art community since 1913. Ottawa Little Theatre is a charitable not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization and is financially dependent upon ticket sales, donations and sponsors for its operation and maintenance. All directors, actors, artists, and technical assistants are volunteers—all work for the love of the theatre. Along with a history of the high quality of Ottawa Little Theatre’s productions, OLT is also a landmark leader in theatre education. For decades, students of theatre-craft, both young and old, have grown and thrived with the help of OLT’s affordable drama camps and workshops. With a legacy spanning over 100 years, Ottawa Little Theatre has also established itself as a vital part of the City of Ottawa’s cultural fabric. Today OLT maintains the tradition of presenting an inspiring and entertaining season of 9 live theatre productions each year.

When Jack makes a sudden return from Wall Street to his Midwest family home, his sister Lorna demands answers. Is he coming home or running away? What happened to the wife everyone hates? And where did he get all that money? This dark comedy by one of America’s leading contemporary writers (NYPD Blue, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Smash, and Mauritius) tackles the timeless issues of corporate greed, small town values, and whether or not your family will always welcome you back…with no questions asked.

At EODL’s Full-Length Play Festival for 2018, Ottawa Little Theatre won the Leslie M. Frost Award for Best Production, Best Actress in a Major Role (Venetia Lawless as Lorna), Outstanding Ensemble, and Set Design (Tom Pidgeon), with nominations for Best Director (Geoff Gruson), Best Actor in a Major Role (Phillip Merriman), Best Actress in a Major Role (Jane Morris), Acting Excellence (Jane Morris, Josh Sparks), Best Use of Speech (Jane Morris, Josh Sparks), Best Costuming, and Adjudicator’s Awards for backstage teamwork, “festival hero” (director Geoff Gruson), “the inseparables” (Phillip Merriman and Venetia Lawless).

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