Monday, 5 October 2009

Adjudicator Symposium

Recently, Theatre Ontario developed plans for an “Adjudicators’ Symposium” in Toronto in October. This symposium was developed by a committee made up of Theatre Ontario staff, representation from the community theatre sector, and adjudicator members of our Talent Bank.

Our goal was to provide Professional Development for adjudicators in Ontario. We also wanted to have a discussion regarding training of new adjudicators and a sharing of experiences and “best practices.” Our goals were to help build a network for adjudicators, expand awareness in the community theatre sector, and improve the overall quality of adjudication in Ontario.

We were disappointed that we did not get sufficient attendees to justify the event. However, we have not given up on our desire to achieve those goals.

We’re looking for feedback to understand better the lack of enthusiasm for this particular event. Was it the timing?  The cost?  Are adjudicators interested in participating in this or some other kind of professional development activity?  Are community theatres interested in Theatre Ontario offering this type of program?

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