Friday, 5 January 2018

Response from the Theatre Ontario Board of Directors to the lawsuits filed by members of the theatre community against Albert Schultz and Soulpepper Theatre Company

Like most in our community, Theatre Ontario is aware of civil lawsuits alleging incidents of sexual misconduct.

Theatre Ontario is upset by what we have heard in this past week. But we also believe this to be part of a greater pattern in our theatre community, one that is regretfully not new.

In recent weeks, months and years, we have been hearing the steady rise of whispers coming to full voice throughout the community.

We feel the anguish when we hear any stories of individuals forced into silence.

We regret careers lost to abuse.

This is not the theatre we dedicate ourselves to creating and celebrating.

Even though it is individuals that have been perpetrators, it is our institutions, associations and agencies that have failed to expect and demand greater accountability and action.

To that end, Theatre Ontario reaffirms our commitments to our community.

We will continue to be in dialogue with all those dedicated to eradicating the current culture of privilege and power abuse.

We will continue to work to promote the creation of safe workspaces for theatre artists to practise their craft.

We will continue to reflect and challenge ourselves as an organization to find ways to provide that greater accountability and action to our community.

And we will speak out in full voice to create change now.

For more information, contact:
Bruce Pitkin
Executive Director
416.408.4556 x.11

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