Friday, 28 June 2013

Ontario Off Stage

Behind The Scenes At Ontario’s Theatres
  • Social design is “the strategic implementation of social media to deepen or broaden the nature of an artistic project.”  Michael Wheeler shared these concepts last year in two Theatre Ontario workshops, and has written an excellent overview of social design on his new site.
  • Diane Ragsdale writes on Jumper about our long tug-of-war between arts and commerce: “We weren’t meant to blend in…we in the arts.  We are the antidote…the resistance…the challengers of the status quo.  Though we may be in it, we are not meant to be of this market-driven world.”
  • Not-for-profit status places us in a contract with the public trust, as American writer Andrew Taylor observes on the Artful Manager—is your theatre organization fulfilling its public trust?
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