Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Summer Course Profile: Introduction to Directing—Covering All the Bases

For anyone who has always wanted to direct—or has already tried it once or twice—Stewart Arnott will help you dive into this exciting craft by learning and developing important directing skills, such as:
  • Finding the clues in the text to help bring it to life
  • Finding the big picture and your vision for the play
  • Holding great auditions
  • Planning an effective rehearsal schedule
  • Blocking a scene
  • “Running the room” during rehearsals
  • Getting the best from your actors
  • Working with your creative team of designers, stage managers, and crew
Stewart Arnott has been a theatre artist in Canada for over 30 years, and has acted and directed across the country. His stage appearances include Hallaj, Waiting for Godot and Stories from the Rains of Love and Death for Soheil Parsa and Modern Times Theatre; Elora Gorge (Summerworks 2011); lady in the red dress (fu-GEN) and Gaslight and Sexy Laundry (Festival Antigonish).  His recent film and television projects, including the mini-series Bomb Girls; Flashpoint; The Listener; The Murdoch Mysteries; Committed and The Kennedys.  As a director, his credits include The Vincent River (Cart/Horse Theatre); the world premiere of Pobby and Dingan by Paula Wing at YPT; Unity (1918) at Ryerson Theatre School, and Amadeus and The Mystery of Irma Vep for Theatre Aquarius.  At Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg he has directed Master Harold and the Boys, Strawberries in January and Kilt; and at The Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa he has directed Patience, Unity (1918), It's All True! and John Murrell's Democracy.  Stewart is a respected teacher and coach.

The Theatre Ontario Summer Theatre Intensive runs from August 12 to 18 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.  Experience a week away from all distractions and immerse yourself in a unique theatrical learning experience.  You will learn new skills, meet passionate theatre people, and flex your creative muscle!  Read about all of our Summer Courses on the Theatre Ontario website.

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