Friday, 30 March 2012

Ontario Off Stage

From The Wire
  • Budget week, with new budgets from both the Ontario and Federal governments—a round-up of opinion on the latter from Micheline McKay at The Arts Advocate
  • Hill Strategies has shared its “Provincial Profiles of Arts, Culture and Heritage Activities in 2010”—and Ontario residents are theatre goers (48% went in 2010 versus 44% of all Canadians)
  • The MARProject is a collaborative project of CADA-ON (Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, Ontario), CARFAC Ontario (Canadian Artists' Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens), Canadian Music Centre—Ontario Region, Dance Ontario and Ontario Crafts Council.  They are investigating the possibility of a micro-credit program to support artists who cannot access conventional credit, in order to improve artists’ socio-economic status.  (This initiative falls within the emerging field of social finance.)  They’re surveying professional artists to assess the scope of the needs in this area.  The survey closes April 15.
Assembled by Brandon Moore, Communications Coordinator

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