Friday, 3 February 2012

Ontario Off Stage

TO Toasts
  • First, a good blog post round-up from Praxis Theatre—Sky Gilbert is blogging; Mark McGrinder of Studio 180 proposes positive spin-off for the arts from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s weight loss challenge; and much more
  • David Nairn, Artistic Director of Theatre Orangeville, attended our annual Showcase, and reflected on what he saw; especially a couple of graduating students with roots in youth training programs in Orangeville
  • From J. Kelly Nestruck in the Globe and Mail: In “the Toronto vs. Chicago theatre war,” Illinois is introducing tax credits for prestigious, big-budget productions to lure away the War Horses and Priscillas: Queen Of The Desert
  • Playwrights Guild of Canada is launching a campaign called “Scripted For Schools” to encourage the use of plays in the classroom.  A lot of good articulate arguments in the launch video—and there’s cute kids too
  • From 2AM Theatre, Travis Bedard is a noted and vocal advocate for shaking the “minor league” pejoratives away from regional theatre—something with which every theatre artist working outside of Toronto can relate, I’m sure.  He makes an argument for vertical integration based on an American model that I think is just as applicable for us north of the border
  • Also on 2AM, Eric Ziegenhagen proposed a new way to think about how to approach audience talkbacks and The Conversation After The Show
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