Friday, 18 November 2011

7 Days In Ontario Theatre

  • I was introduced to two very imaginative online theatre marketing campaigns this week: Ride The Cyclone: The Video Game! (h/t to Praxis Theatre) and Canadian Stage’s
  • When I first came up with a strategy for our blog at Theatre Ontario, I thought I had come up with an idea that was original and awesome.  Then I discovered the innovative and thoughtful folks at were already doing what I had planned.  One of my favourite features was what they call “Follow Friday” which captures some of the best online discussions from the past week.  Well, it’s back.
  • “Theater Beyond Twitter: A Discussion Between Peter Marks and Howard Sherman” is being live-streamed on Saturday, November 19 – based on their lively discussions leading up to it, it should be a worthwhile listen.  For me this highlights what Twitter does best: starts good conversations, and opens the door to better conversations—the ones in-person.
From The Wire
  • Congrats to our suite-mates at the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts on their annual Arts Day at The City, meeting with 25 City Councillors on Monday, November 14.
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