Friday, 5 August 2011

7 Days In Ontario Theatre

From The Wire
  • The Indie Caucus from the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts is presenting a panel for indie producers looking to develop new works and navigating your way to the appropriate Equity agreement; Arden Ryshpan (CAEA), Franco Boni (Theatre Centre), Gideon Arthurs (Toronto Fringe) on a panel moderated by Richard Lee so you know they’re bringing the smart: August 11 at noon at The Lower Ossington Theatre
  • ACT II Studio in Toronto has scheduled an information day on September 9 at 10:30am—learn about the courses and activities offered by this unique theatre school for older adults
  • Following recent announcements for Southwestern Ontario, funding initiatives announced by the Minister of Heritage in the Greater Toronto Area
Check out all the latest postings of workshops, classified ads, recognition opportunities and more from Theatre Ontario’s Bulletin Board

Assembled by Brandon Moore, Communications Coordinator

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