Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer Course Profile: The Directors Symposium

After a wildly successful debut in 2010, the Directors Symposium returns for our 2011 courses.  The Directors Symposium offers experienced community theatre directors the chance to meet and discuss the art of directing with five different professional directors.

Each day during the week, a different well-known and respected professional director will meet with the class. Morning discussions, led by a facilitator, will include informal conversation about the art of directing and the guest’s personal style and artistic journey. After lunch the group will delve into a script chosen by the guest (and studied by the participants prior to attendance) and will discuss particular questions such as: What research would you do before meeting with either cast or designers?  What would the discussion be like with your designers?  What would the first day of rehearsals look like?  What is the greatest problem in the text?  And so on.  Come and take part in this unique exchange of directing ideas.

Our five guest directors for 2011 are: Dean Gabourie (Stratford Shakespeare Festival), Eda Holmes (Shaw Festival), Christopher Newton (Shaw Festival), Yvette Nolan (Native Earth Performing Arts), and Richard Rose (Tarragon Theatre).  John Goddard, Executive Director of Theatre Ontario, will be the facilitator for this course.

The Theatre Ontario Summer Theatre Intensive runs from August 7 to 13 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.  Read about all of our Summer Courses on the Theatre Ontario website.

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