Friday, 16 September 2011

7 Days In Ontario Theatre

Highlights From The Bulletin Board
  • Toronto’s Nightwood Theatre is holding two Master Classes in October – The Director’s Toolkit with Liesl Tommy (1st and 2nd) and Go Ahead! Produce It Yourself with Julie Tepperman and Jacoba Knaapen (5th and 6th)
  • Ottawa Little Theatre has four workshops scheduled: WHMIS in the Theatre (Sep. 17), Stage Fencing (Sep. 24-25) , Sound (Oct. 1), and Lighting (Oct. 22)
  • Deadline to apply for Buddies In Bad Times’ Young Creators Unit in Toronto is Sep. 23 – the Young Creators Unit is for queer-identified artists, age 25 and under, seeking to develop and perform their own solo performance piece
  • Deadline for the Ottawa Little Theatre One-Act Playwriting Competition is Oct. 14; please note that there is an entry fee for this competition
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Assembled by Brandon Moore, Communications Coordinator


  1. It's good to see that they have listed a safety training course for the theater. There could be a lot of hazards in that place that could cause serious injuries.

  2. Theatre Ontario has worked quite extensively to help educate theatres and their staff and volunteers on health and safety within their venues. That includes resources on WHMIS training. For more information, please visit