Thursday, 17 February 2011

Honouring Sustained And Significant Contribution To Ontario Theatre

Theatre Ontario is now inviting nominations for the 2011 Maggie Bassett Award.  This award is presented for a sustained and significant contribution to the development of theatre in Ontario.

The four main criteria for the award are:
  • A significant contribution—the recipient's impact is measurable provincially (or beyond);
  • A sustained contribution—the recipient should have a proven body of work and/or have made a continuous effort over a period of years (more than five);
  • An unselfish contribution—recipient’s history should encompass work and activity both paid and voluntary;
  • Involvement—recipient should have been involved in more than one area of theatre (professional, community, educational.)
For more information on the award criteria, past recipients, nomination deadline and procedures, please visit the Maggie Bassett Award on the Theatre Ontario website.

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